Raw material

Our company places special emphasis on the selection of high-quality raw materials. After all, we know very well that the stable quality and fish-catching efficiency already proven by our products can only be achieved by suitable raw materials.

Sweet corn of selected quality

Sweet corn is picked when immature (milk stage), and then shelled by manual labour. Damaged (cracked, compressed etc.) kernels are sorted out manually to achieve stable high quality and to fill the glass jars with sound whole kernels.

Manual labour is rather slow and expensive.

We also sell unsorted corn under the trade name IMP, similarly in glass jars of 200 ml. The price of these products is considerably lower. Our sweet corn products do not deteriorate even if they are used several times after opening.

Testing of CUKK products – in an experimental lake!

Groundbaits and hookup baits are tested in the experimental lake of CUKK at first. Descending the spiral staircase in the island located in the middle of the lake, we arrive at the bottom of the lake and can inspect the underwater events through the all-round glass wall with our own eyes. We can see the feeding process and the behaviour of fish, and get to know their taste as well. We use these experiences in the manufacture of our products. Our underwater observations enable us to produce baits that can be favourite with fish. You can also view some videos depicting these tests on our website and YouTube channel, and make sure of the fish-catching capacity of CUKK products.


The quality of our groundbaits is guaranteed by the raw materials bought from the best suppliers. CUKK tests the composition of each groundbait type (heavy, lifting, light) on their own. Ductility, adherence and solubility are determined after elaborate experiments. The purity of our raw materials is always in compliance with food quality standards. We never use ingredients that may be harmful to human health or the environment.

CUKK partnership

CUKK has achieved success in 43 countries on several continents. A lot of importers have already distributed the reliable products of our company for several decades.

Puffi products

These light hookup bait products have already been counterfeited in several countries. Moreover, it has occurred several times that quite poor-quality things named Puffi have been sold in reproduced pouches of CUKK products.

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