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Our webside has been continuously renewing with: photos, videos, descriptions and with new products. We hope that our fellow - sportmen will find the correct way to the successful and effective fishing.
That prominent reputation and significant distribution all over the Europe, which by the famous Western bait manufacturers had been fulfil for 70-100 years, CUKK Company realised it for 30 years, while continuously has been developing from a one person mini Company to an Europe-famous, acknowledged Company.
About my company

The company was founded by its present owner and director, László Juhász in 1982.  Since then the number of CUKK products have been continuously expanding and they are exported to more countries. The feedback received from anglers concerning the products is very positive. The 30 year  expertise of our employees and the often applied  manual working method mutually guarantee good quality. CUKK deliveries are fast and punctual. Due to the wide range of our products every kind of requirement can be met.    
The company has been continuously growing and the turnover of sales has been expanding each year.
CUKK  developed its business strategy so that its employs stockpile management and its staff are available day and night so unexpected orders can be fulfilled almost immediately.
CUKK produces 200 kinds of products, many of which are its own patents. Its products (such as pearl maize, Puffi, etc.) have changed angler's customs. They have become popular since they are practical and have good angling results.


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